FPGA-Based System Design is your guide to the design of complex, high-performance digital systems using field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). Today's FPGAs offer sophisticated platforms for the design of a huge range of digital design problems; they are fast becoming the most important medium for logic design.

FPGA-Based System Design is a comprehensive introduction to the world of FPGA-based systems. The book covers the major FPGA architectures and shows how to use FPGA tools to build digital systems. The book's extensive examples show you how to apply fundamental concepts to practical design problems. And its chapter on VLSI fundamentals helps you understand what is going on beneath the hood of your FPGA to be able to make the best use of its capabilities.

FPGA comes with a CD distribution of the Xilinx ISE tools Student Edition that you can use with the examples from the book or for your own exercises. The Verilog designs from the book are available on this Web site.

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